We Measure The Shortest Laser Pulses On Earth

We Measure The Shortest Laser Pulses On Earth

We Measure The Shortest Laser Pulses On Earth

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The two partners in the SISHOT project are Lund University, Sweden (research group for Attosecond Physics) and the company Sphere Ultrafast Photonics, based in Porto, Portugal. The leading PIs are associate prof. Cord L. Arnold at Lund University and Rosa Romero, CEO of Sphere Ultrafast Photonics.

From left to right: Daniel Diaz Rivas, PhD student, Paulo T. Guerreiro, Director of Engineer , Helder Crespo, CTO, Rosa Romero, CEO, Anne L’Huillier, Professor, Cord L. Arnold, PI, Senior lecturer, Miguel Miranda, Senior Engineer, Ivan Sytcevich, Postdoc, Anne-Lise Viotti, Postdoc, Chen Guo, Laser engineer


The research group in attosecond physics at Lund University dates back to the middle of the 1990s. Since the beginning, the group has been a leading force in the establishment of the new research field of attosecond science, which today is among the fastest growing in the optics and photonics sector. The research field is based on the application of attosecond light pulses to study the fundamental quantum mechanical properties of matter with unprecedented, attosecond (1 as=10-18 s), time resolution. Attosecond optical light pulses are generated from ultrashort femtosecond lasers pulses and their characteristics can be controlled by that of the driving laser pulses. Therefore, laser development and the development of diagnostic tools for ultrashort pulses, such as the d-scan, has always been at the core of the group’s activity and also is a reason for its long-term success. The d-scan has been a disruptive technology for the scientific activity of the group. For the first time, we were able to characterize and control ultrashort pulses down to the single- cycle level. The advances of the last years in controlling light-matter interaction on the attosecond time scale have been enabled, among others, by the d-scan technology .


Sphere Ultrafast Photonics offers the new generation of products/services in the ultrafast pulsed laser regime: completely new devices based on patented technologies enable high performance measurement and control of ultrafast laser systems. MISSION: Sphere Ultrafast Photonics is committed to offer a new generation of products and services in the ultrafast pulsed laser regime. Our products hold inside them all complexity of the measuring and control process, providing fast and easy control of the most short demanding pulses on earth. VISION: We foresee that the ultrafast laser systems of few cycle pulses will be a part of our day to day systems. All the actual potential benefits of this technology will be translated to different market sectors starting form medical applications, both treatment and diagnostics, to the material processing market. Our vision is to participate in this foreseen mass market, creating unprecedented features and tools.