The d-scan is an inline, compact and high-performance device for the simultaneous measurement and compression of even the most demanding ultrashort laser pulses

Sphere Ultrafast Photonics is committed to finding the best solution for measuring your laser system, providing custom solutions covering different wavelength ranges, pulse durations and repetition rates

Benefiting from more than 15 years of experience, Sphere Ultrafast Photonics offers a new generation of products and services in the ultrafast pulsed laser regime

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The d-cycle is the system of choice for fast and accurate measurement of even the most demanding ultrafast pulses, down to ultra-broadband spectra and single-cycle durations – the shortest for any commercially available device. Its versatile and standalone architecture handles a variety of state-of-the-art ultrashort pulse sources, from broadband laser oscillators, amplifiers and OPAs to hollow-core fiber compressors. The d-cycle’s compact footprint packs a dispersion-calibrated system that measures your pulses exactly as they are, without any ambiguities. Coupling your beam into the d-cycle is easily achieved in less than one minute and a full measurement takes less than 10 seconds. The intuitiveness of the d-cycle trace provides instant visual feedback for optimisation and control of your source via d-cycle’s unique graphical user interface – the Virtual LogbookTM – and the proprietary d-scan retrieval algorithm provides fast and accurate retrieval of the complete temporal profile of the pulses.

Technical Specifications

  d-cycle B (a) d-cycle R (b) d-cycle NIR (c) d-cycle 1.5
Wavelength range 450-1000nm
600-1100nm 700-1400nm 1500-1700nm
Pulse duration (FTL) 2.5fs to 10fs sub 5fs to 20 fs 2.5fs to 60fs 60fs to 200fs
Chirp range ±160 fs2 ±720 fs2 ±600 fs2 ±4000 fs2
Repetition rate 1 kHz and above (d)
Input polarization Linear
Maximum input aperture 5 mm
Required input energy >100 pJ @ 80 MHz
1 µJ @ 1 kHz
Compression module dimensions (WxLxH) 250 x 250 x 100 mm

(a) Optimized for hollow fiber compressors
(b) Optimized for Ti:sapphire oscillators and OPCPAs
(c) Optimized for OPCPA
(d) Lower repetition rates possible with external synch option
* Vacuum compatible systems available on request
Talk to us for different wavelength range, chirp range, input aperture, and other

d-cycle brochure

Take a look at the video, you will see how simple, fast and straight forward is to align the d-scan and take a measurement!

d-cycle form

d-cycle form

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