The d-scan is an inline, compact and high-performance device for the simultaneous measurement and compression of even the most demanding ultrashort laser pulses

Sphere Ultrafast Photonics is committed to finding the best solution for measuring your laser system, providing custom solutions covering different wavelength ranges, pulse durations and repetition rates

Benefiting from more than 15 years of experience, Sphere Ultrafast Photonics offers a new generation of products and services in the ultrafast pulsed laser regime

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Sphere Ultrafast Photonics
Rua do Campo Alegre, n.º 1021, Edifício FC6
4169-007 Porto, Portugal
Telephone: +351 918 744 260

Sphere Ultrafast Photonics, SL
Calle Raimundo Garcia Dominguez, 2
15930 Boiro (A Coruña), Spain
Telephone: +351 918 744 260


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